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Lowering Your Interest Rate with a VA Loan

I am available to talk with you about a loan refinance and how much you can save each month. From there you can decide if an interest rate reduction refinance is right for you!

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Refinancing your FHA Loan & Lowering your Interest Rate

Refinancing your current FHA loan is easy, streamlined and may lower your interest rate. When you choose an FHA Streamline Loan, you can refinance your existing FHA-insured loan with less paperwork and lower costs than with other home loan refinancing solutions. Plus you may qualify with no appraisal! See the requirements below!

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Mind Your Money

Mortgage rates are extremely low! I am here to help you finance your dream home or manage the current loans and/mortgage you have. Let me help you save money!

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What is a 203(K) Loan?


What is a 203(k) Loan?

The FHA 203(k) allows a borrower to include the repair/improvement costs in the loan amount on either a purchase or refinance with one closing.  The funds for repair/improvement are held in escrow, to be released when the work is completed.  The   mortgage amount is based on the projected value of the completed project.   Encouragement from FHA makes this loan easier AND faster to close than ever before.

The 203(k) Advantage

  • Finance up to 6 months mortgage payments (PITI)

  • Special HUD down payment programs

  • Eligible for Energy Efficient Mortgage

  • An FHA assumable mortgage

  • One-to-Four Family Dwellings

  • Standard FHA Down payment programs apply

  • Purchase or Refinance

  • Assumable FHA Insured Loan

  • All rehabilitation work is completed after loan closing


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